PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 Lightspeed Chinese Apk Version Download and Installation Guide

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Here you can find the latest update of PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 lightspeed APK file which you can download and install on your Android devices and enjoy the best PUBG gameplay anywhere n anytime.

Before going to Download and install PUBG Mobile Lightspeed Chinese Version on your Android, you ought to see new PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 lightspeed features.

What’s new In PUBG Mobile 0.12.5?

[New map, new weather] 

1) New ice-covered snow-Vihandi map: The size of the area is 6000Mx6000M, players can choose the snow map to match in the classic mode, update the snow map on the day of the update, the snow map is open Please pay attention to the official website. Some scenes and endgames of the snow map are different, and will be updated and restored in subsequent versions;
2) New weather: sunny weather, light snow weather, only in the frozen snow-Vindi, the two weather will be randomly brushed out;

[new] firearms 

1) exclusive snow guns: 5.56mm assault rifle bullets G36C– use with single and fully automatic modes, only the frozen snow – cold brush-dimensional Di whole map;

[new Vehicle] 

1) Snow exclusive vehicle: snowmobile – medium speed, moderate snow adaptability, strong stability, only in the frozen snow ;

[Christmas, new Year’s day holiday experience activities limit]
1) replace the team hall scene Christmas atmosphere of the scene;
2) limit new Christmas play mode, join Christmas props battlefield;
3) new Year’s day limit recreational activities, on-time Please pay attention to the official announcement;

[Optimized content] 

1. Battle core optimization 

1) Restore end-game optimization: Add an electrostatic force field (blue circle) outside damage superposition mechanism, when the player is farther away from the safe area (white circle), it is subject to Electrostatic force field The higher the blue circles) injury;
2) reducing end trip optimization: analog adjustment mechanism raid, in snow and rain map in the map, the area size of the region will be reduced as the air strikes the safety zone (white circles) is narrowed;
3) Voice Component upgrades to provide players with better voice communication;
4) Added corresponding models for MK47 assault rifle expansion magazines, rapid magazines, and rapid expansion magazines;

2. War mode optimization

1) War mode with submachine guns and assault rifles, the number of initial carrying bullets doubled;
2) War mode using sniper rifle, the weapon in the airdrop box removed the type other than sniper rifle;

3. Other optimization of battle 

1 The teammates in the big map interface will fade when they overlap, and solve the problem that multiple punctuation overlaps make it difficult to distinguish;
2) Optimize the shortcuts in the shortcut command, the attached warning mark is reduced, faded, and the display time increases. The new tag used between teammates will no longer cause the previous tag to disappear;
3) Optimize the shortcut command “I have material here!”, after the attached item tag disappears, the player clicks the record in the chat log to display the item tag again. ;
4) optimize the value of the slider touched region sensitivity setting interface, to solve the problem of inadvertently;

4. the system optimization function 

1) optimization experience message center, the player’s name may be displayed in the title of the sender, and may invite them quickly group team;
2) increase the ignore all functionality ignoring friend requests;
3) update bulletin adjusted to the last page “version more Ceremony “, you can receive updates reward;
4) increase the team of Dan display interface;
5) when the team, the team captain received the application, you can see who is the team which filed a friend;
6) cancel all charts Signature display;
7) The adjustment of the data acquisition mechanism of the battlefield leaderboard, the requirements of the upper ranks are adjusted to the respective requirements of each mode;

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Detailed info

  • File Size :1.74GB
  • Current Version :0.12.5
  • Update Time :Dec 18, 2018
  • Firm:腾讯
  • Official Website:查看详情

PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 Lightspeed Chinese Apk Version Download and Installation Guide

 PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 Lightspeed Chinese Version Download

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How to Install

Note:  You may also need to install WeChat to log in. So, keep in mind that as it’s Chinese version, you should use WeChat or QQ to get started. Check here

That’s it now you should easy to play PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 Chinese versionon your android phones. If you have a any suggestion about it let me know us in below comment box.

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